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Laser - Europacup 2014 - Lugano SUI - Day 1
Sat 19th April 2014
The 148 participants in the Lugano Laser Europacup Regatta had to wait a longtime for wind yesterday. Only late in the afternoon...
Laser - Europacup 2014 - Marseille FRA - Final results
Wed 16th April 2014
Also on the final day of the French Laser Europacup Regatta in Marseille FRA with race 7 and 8, the almost 400 Laser sailors...
Laser - Europacup 2014 - Marseille FRA - Day 3
Tue 15th April 2014
The announced westerly breeze filled in late, but the upcoming 15-18 kns allowed to complete the planned two races by fleet until...
Laser - Europacup 2014 - Marseille FRA - Day 2
Mon 14th April 2014
The French Laser Europacup Regatta continued yesterday with two races sailed in an initial 8 kn breeze, increasing to 12 kn...
Laser - Europacup 2014 - Marseille FRA - Day 1
Sun 13th April 2014
The Marseille Laser Europacup 2014 began yesterday with two race by class sailed in a light breeze. Leading in the Lasers Radial...
Laser - Europacup 2014 - Marseille FRA
Fri 11th April 2014
Many of the 370 participants at the Laser Europacup in Marseille FRA used the sunny light wind day for a last tune-up before the...

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