About ILCA

The International Laser Class Association is a self-administered, self-funded international organisation which provides co-ordination, organisation and communication for the class worldwide. ILCA is like a worldwide sailing club specifically for owners of Laser sailboats and people interested in the Laser.


ILCA's objects, which are set out in its constitution, are:

  • to provide a medium of exchange of information among Laser sailors throughout the world and to enhance the enjoyment of these sailboats
  • to promote and develop Laser class racing in all countries, under uniform rules; and
  • to encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting and recreational aspects of sailing.

On the local and national level, these objects are put into practice by hundreds of volunteers around the world who work all year around in sailing clubs, offices and even sailing federations to organize Laser events spanning from club regattas to training camps to national championships for Laser sailors.

On the international level, a dedicated ILCA office, made up of 6 employees, co-ordinates the international racing calendar, organizes Laser world championships, liaises with national and international authorities, publishes the annual Laser handbook and the quarterly LaserWorld magazine and works together with the builders to protect the all-important One Design principle.

The Structure of ILCA

For administration purposes ILCA is divided into 4 main levels of activity, each with elected volunteers:

  • International (World Council): This is rather like the board of directors of a company. The World Council is responsible for directing the work of the Association and maintaining its objectives as they are expressed in the Association's constitution. The World Council consists of the President and Vice Presidents, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of each region, the Chief Measurer, the Executive Secretary appointed by the Council and two representatives of the Laser manufacturers. Our World Council is truly international, currently consisting of officers from Argentina, Australia, France, Switzerland, UK and USA - all are active sailors and between them have a wealth of experience spread over all levels of sailing.
  • Regions: These are groups of Districts and Fleets, usually on a continental basis. Regional activities are co-ordinated by officers elected by the District representatives.
  • Districts: These cover larger geographic areas of varying size and normally conform to national boundaries. Districts are usually formed when there are 50 or more Laser sailors spread throughout a geographic area. In North America and Australia, Districts are single states or amalgamations of states.
  • Fleets: Small groups of sailors (up to 50) normally sailing at a club or clubs near each other. Fleet members elect a Fleet Captain to co-ordinate their activities. A Fleet would normally be formed within a District.

The contact details for all Laser class officers, from Fleet to World Council can be found on our Contacts pages.

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