ILCA World Council

The World Council is responsible for directing the work of the Association and maintaining its objectives as they are expressed in the Association’s constitution. The World Council consists of the Chairman of each region and Executive Secretary appointed by the Council and two representatives of the Laser manufacturers. The Council jointly have a wealth of experience spread over all levels of sailing.

World Council Members

  • President: Tracy Usher (USA)
  • Vice President: Hugh Leicester (AUS)
  • Executive Secretary: Eric Faust (USA)
  • Past President: Heini Wellmann (SUI)
  • Africa Chair: Nuno Gomes (ANG)
  • Asia Chair: Aileen Loo (SGP)
  • Central & South America Chair: Carlos Palombo (ARG)
  • Europe Chair: Jean-Luc Michon (FRA)
  • North America Chair: Andy Roy (CAN)
  • Oceania Chair: Ken Hurling (AUS)
  • Treasurer: Nick Page (NZL)
  • Advisory Council Representative: Peter Hedge (AUS) – Performance Sailcraft Australia
  • Advisory Council Representative: Takao Otani – Performance Sailcraft Japan

Advisory Council

  • World Council President: Tracy Usher (USA)
  • World Council Vice President: Hugh Leicester (AUS)
  • Peter Hedge (AUS) – Performance Sailcraft Australia
  • Takao Otani (JPN) – Performance Sailcraft Japan

Technical and Measurement Committee

  • Chairman: Tracy Usher (USA)
  • Takao Otani (JPN)
  • Clive Humphris (AUS)
  • Chief Measurer: Aileen Loo (SGP)
  • Jean-Luc Michon (FRA)

Honorary Members

  • Peter Griffiths (NZL) – Honorary President
  • Paul Millsom (AUS) – Honorary Vice President
  • Hermann Cornelius (GER) – Honorary Vice President
  • Jeff Martin (GBR) – Honorary Executive Secretary

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