European Youth Ranking Ladder Results


European Laser Youth Ranking Ladder Results

Please find below the current European Laser Youth Ranking, as of 1 January 2012. Results are updated and published on a quarterly basis and will include only those results that have been received completed in full no more than two weeks after the end of the regatta.

Every sailor must provide their correct ISAF number and birth year at registration. If you have forgotten your ISAF number you can search for it, or if you haven't got an ISAF number yet, you can obtain one on the ISAF website. Both the ISAF number and the birthyear are required in order to be correctly included in the overall scoring.

Please note, if you have entered regattas using multiple ISAF Numbers, or your Date of Birth has been added into regatta scoring programs incorrectly, you are likely to appear in the Youth Ranking Ladder results more than once.  If you notice that this has happened to you, please email us with your correct details and we will amend the results for you.

Only sailors who meet the age criteria will be included. If you have any queries about the ranking or your name does not appear in the results, please email ILCA.

To find out more regarding how the scores are calculated please refer to the Youth Ranking Ladder pages. To see which events are included in the Youth Ranking Ladder, check the Events List.

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