Hosting an ILCA World Championship


Hosting an ILCA World Championship is a significant undertaking. To understand what is involved, you should first familiarize yourself with the Requirements for Organizing an ILCA World Championship. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the process of working with ILCA to prepare for and accomplish a successful event.

Click here to access the Requirements for Organizing an ILCA World Championship

Expression of Interest

If your organization would like to host a World Championship event, the first step is to let us know of your interest by filling out the following “Expression of Interest” form and sending it to us.

Click Here to access the Expression of Interest Form

Once we have received notice of your interest in serving as host, we will contact you about potential opportunities. The goal of the ILCA World Council is to ensure a good variation of host countries and regions each year for our Championship events.

Sometimes championships may be grouped together and run in successive weeks by a host. For instance, ILCA 4 then Under-21 Championships, or ILCA 6 Youth followed by ILCA 6 Men.

Below is list of preferred regions for hosting upcoming Laser Class World Championships. Please note the list below include the preferred region for the championship. ILCA reserves the right to change preferred regions to accommodate the successful implementation of our global event calendar.

Masters / ILCA 7 Men (back-to-back events): Preferred region is Africa. Status: Bids being accepted.
ILCA 6 Women and ILCA 6 Men (concurrent events): Preferred region is Europe. Status: Bids being accepted
ILCA 6 Youth: Preferred region is Europe. Status: Bids being accepted
ILCA Under-21 / ILCA 4 Youth (back-to-back events): Preferred region is North America. Status: Bids being accepted

Submitting a Bid

Once a mutually agreeable event is identified, you will need to submit a formal bid to be considered as a host. You may use the following bid form as a template in preparing your bid.

Click Here to Download the ILCA Championship Bid Form

The bid form is provided primarily for guidance and you should feel free to develop and present your bid using another presentation format if desired. Just be sure to include all the information requested.

Once you have submitted your bid, ILCA and the World Council will review it at the next available opportunity and inform you of any decisions made. If your bid is accepted, we will prepare a contract for your review and agreement, at which point your host site will be announced and published on the ILCA website. If your bid is not accepted, it may be that we will suggest an alternate event for you to consider hosting.

If you have any questions regarding championship bidding or would like to discuss the requirements further, please contact the ILCA office.