ACTION REQUIRED - Application Ranking for the 2013 Laser World Championships in Hungary

There is only 1 week left for districts to rank sailors for the 2013 Laser World & European Championships in Hungary. Please read the important instructions below.
The deadline for ranking applications for entry is midnight UK time, Monday 28th January.  
Sat 6th July 2013 - Sat 13th July 2013
HUNGARY, Balatonfüred
Sun 14th July 2013 - Sun 21st July 2013
HUNGARY, Balatonfüred
Sun 14th July 2013 - Sun 21st July 2013
HUNGARY, Balatonfüred    
It is vital that you rank all of your sailors regardless of the number of allocated places you have. The entry limit should enable all ranked sailors to receive places, up to the total entry limit for your country.
If you are not able to rank your sailors now because your country's ranking regattas have not yet been completed, you will need to declare a late ranking date. Declaring a late ranking date allows you to reserve your allocated places and request extra places for use later once you know which sailors should attend the championship. Please be aware, to reserve your allocated places and any extra places available your National Laser Class will have to guarantee payment for the entry and charter boats.
Any countries that have not ranked their sailors or declared a late ranking date by Tuesday 29th January will lose their allocated places. Also, any allocated places in excess of the number of ranked sailors for each championship will be lost for the country.
You will then have 2 options:
1) RANK YOUR SAILORS NOW: If you are able to rank your sailors now, press submit at the bottom of the page. You will then see the list of sailors who applied for this age category. Confirm whether they are members of your district, then order them according to your ranking. You can either accept or decline a sailor's application.
2) DECLARE A LATE RANKING DATE: If you are not able to rank your sailors at this point, go to the box called "Do you need to register places without the sailors details?" and select "yes." You will then be asked to enter your late ranking date and the number of places you wish to reserve.
Remember you are guaranteeing to pay for any reserved places, even if you later decide that you no longer need them. Any unused places will still need to be paid for.
Repeat this process for all age categories.
Please rank all of your sailors even if there is only one sailor or if you have more sailors than allocated places. For example, if you have 8 sailors and only 5 allocated places please rank all sailors from 1-8. Sailors 1-5 will be given the allocated places but if any of the places are not used by a sailor, the ILCA will offer the place to the next ranked sailor on your ranking list.
If you decide to declare a late ranking date, please make sure that you do not wait too long with your qualification/ranking in order to allow adequate time and opportunity for sailors to arrange the other aspects of their championship attendance - including accommodation, transport, charter boat or arranging transport of their own boat.
If you have any questions about this email or any of the ILCA championships, please contact the ILCA by email at:
Kind Regards
The ILCA Team 


Posted: 23rd Jan 2013