Laser - 2012 World Laser Masters Championship - Brisbane AUS - Day 2

The World Laser Masters began yesterday with two races sailed in a moderate 10 to 20 kn breeze. The ranking lists of the Australian dominated Standard, Radial and 4.7 fleets are being established along the age criteria rules of the Laser Class. The report of yesterday.
Meanwhile, race 3 was completed this morning and race 4 is underway with results available around 8 a.m. UCT. In the Lasers Standard, Matias del Solar CHI is on top with the Apprentices with three race wins, Brett Beyer AUS leads in the Masters and Andre Martinie DOM is first in the Standard Grand Masters. Winning race 3 this morning, the former Finn World Champion Wolfgang Gerz GER advanced on rank 2, tied with Malcom Courts GBR. In the Lasers Radial, Scott Leith NZL has taken over the first place this morning in the Apprentices. Greg Asams AUS is the clear leader in the Masters, and in the Grand and Great Grand Masters are Adam French AUS and Kerry Waraker AUS on the first place. In the Lasers 4.7, Peter Charlton AUS remains on top. The rankings lists of the day and a report will be posted on the event-website during this morning.

Posted: 12th Mar 2012