Laser - World Masters Championship 2012 - Brisbane AUS - Final Day

The Laser World Masters ended today in Brisbane AUS. Flawless the performance of the Olympic sailor Matias Del Solar CHI in the Standard Apprentices: 12 races, 12 wins ! A convincing victory also for Brett Beyer AUS in the Masters. Tracey Usher USA winning the last race just passed Wolfgang Gerz GER with the same number of points, and finally took the Grand Master title. In the Radials, the titles go to Scott Leith NZL (Apprentice), Mark Orams NZL (Master), Michael Keaton AUS (Grand Master) and Kerry Waraker AUS (Great Grand Master). In the Lasers 4.7, Claire Heenan AUS took the title on the last day. The event-website where the final report will be posted during the day.

Posted: 17th Mar 2012