Part One


The Laser is a strict one-design dinghy where the true test, when raced, is between helmspersons and not boats and equipment.

Fundamental Rule

The Laser shall be raced in accordance with these Rules, with only the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sail and battens manufactured by an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and International Laser Class Association (ILCA) approved builder in strict adherence to the Laser design specification (known as the Construction Manual) which is registered with ISAF.
No addition or alteration may be made to the hull form, construction, equipment, type of equipment, placing of equipment, fittings, type of fittings, placing of fittings, spars, sail and battens as supplied by the builder except when such an alteration or change is specifically authorised by Parts 2 or 3 of these Rules.

Hull Identification

All Lasers shall have an identification number moulded into the deck under the bow eye or into the transom, which shall be either the sail number or a unique production number.
Lasers with sail numbers from 148200 shall display a unique ISAF Building Plaque that has been purchased by the builder from the International Laser Class Association. The plaque shall display the sail number of the boat issued by the International Laser Class Association and shall be permanently fixed in the rear of the cockpit by the builder.

Definition of Builder

A Builder is a manufacturer that has the rights to use a Laser trademark, is manufacturing  the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails and battens in strict adherence to the Construction Manual, and has been approved as a Laser Builder by each of the International Sailing Federation and the International Laser Class Association.