ILCA World Council

The World Council is responsible for directing the work of the Association and maintaining its objectives as they are expressed in the ILCA Constitution.

World Council Members

  • President: Tracy Usher (USA)
  • Vice President: Hugh Leicester (AUS)
  • Executive Secretary: Eric Faust (USA)
  • Treasurer: Nick Page (NZL)
  • Africa Chair: Nuno Gomes (ANG)
  • Asia Chair: Aileen Loo (SGP)
  • Central & South America Chair: Carlos Palombo (ARG)
  • Europe Chair: Jean-Luc Michon (FRA)
  • North America Chair: Ryan Minth (USA)
  • Oceania Chair: Ken Hurling (AUS)
  • Builder’s Representative: Takao Otani – Performance Sailcraft Japan
  • Second European Representative: Mark Lyttle (GBR)
  • Chief Technical Officer: Chris Tunstall (GBR)

Technical and Measurement Committee

  • Chairman: Tracy Usher (USA)
  • Chief Technical Officer: Chris Tunstall (GBR)
  • Chief Measurer: Aileen Loo (SGP)
  • Builders’ Representative: Takao Otani (JPN)

Honorary Members

  • Peter Griffiths (NZL) – Honorary President
  • Hermann Cornelius (GER) – Honorary Vice President
  • Paul Millsom (AUS) – Honorary Vice President
  • Jeff Martin (GBR) – Honorary Executive Secretary