2016 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships – Day One

All rigged up and no wind to go.

Day one of the 2016 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships began with a light gradient breeze under partly cloudy skies. Competitors secured their fleet colors to the mast, rigged their boats and sailed out to one of two courses. The water safety team, race committee boats and jury members also organized their teams and went afloat.

While they were able to get a couple of starts off at the scheduled start time of 1100, the light breeze shifted about 90 degrees and fell. No attempt was made to start a third fleet and the two already on course were given the signal to abandon and all boats return to harbor.

After waiting ashore to see if a sea breeze might develop that would be sufficient to get in a race during the afternoon, it became clear that fortune would not smile on the Laser 4.7 fleet today. The forecast for tomorrow is rain in the morning and a moderate breeze. But that, of course, is only a forecast. We shall have to wait until tomorrow to see what the day brings.