Downwind Mark Rounding

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How to Round the Downwind Mark

When approaching the downwind mark it is really important to start in time with the preparations of the mark rounding. Make sure your trim lines are set correctly for sailing upwind. Your goal is to sail close-hauled course as soon as you pass the mark. To do so you need to start in time and you need to have room between your boat and the mark. Your turn should start on the outside, approximately 2 boat lengths of the mark, and finish on a close-hauled course almost touching the mark.

There are 10 major steps to consider before making your mark rounding. In later blogs we will discuss these in detail.

  1. Organize your boat
  2. Approach the mark on a wide angle
  3. Tighten the outhaul
  4. Tighten the cunningham (if necessary)
  5. Tighten the vang 50%
  6. Start sheeting in
  7. Turn your boat
  8. Sheet, sheet, sheet!
  9. Tighten the vang completely
  10. Sail fast and organize your boat.

Make sure you execute the steps in the same order every time you have a mark rounding. This way it will become an automatic maneuver!

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