Laser – Europacup 2017 – Hyères FRA – Day 1

Almost 500 Laser sailors showed up yesterday in Hyères FRA to complete one opening race by class at the French Laser Europacup event in light winds on a sunny warm (+20°) spring day at the Côte d’Azur.
In the Lasers Standard (93 participants/22 nations/4 continents), Anthony Munos FRA and Giovanni Coccoluto ITA were the winners in their groups. Abdulla Jahani BAH and Karolis Janulionis LTU finished 2nd, Marek Zaleski USA and Jean-Baptiste Bernaz 3rd.
The largest fleet with 233 participants (23 nations/4 continents), the Lasers Radial, is split in four groups. The rce winners were Alexandre Bouflet FRA, Dimitris Papadimitriou GRE, Maud Jayet SUI and Nicolo Elena ITA.
In the Lasers 4.7 (158 participants/20 nations/4 continents), split in three groups, the race winners were Bastian Heitz FRA, Matisse Pacaud FRA and Michael Amadori ITA.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page with photos.