2017 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships – Day 3

After a day off yesterday due to high winds and large waves, sailors were looking forward to getting back on the water. And they were greeted with moderate, but challenging conditions. The significance of the current was enhanced with lighter winds that ranged from seven to fifteen knots. And shifting wind directions and variation in strength across the course meant that maintaining a good position with respect to your competitors would be important.

With quite a few sailors already carrying a bfd, the fleets were not quite so aggressive at the start line. In fact, there were NO general recalls on the Tango course and only three on Oscar – for the whole day. Contrast that with the first race day in which one fleet went through five recalls to get off just one race.

Indeed the quality of the sailing was quite high as even a crowded mark rounding was a textbook demonstration of clean and orderly execution as sailors worked within the rules while maneuvering for position. On the other hand, with less power from the wind, perhaps a few more competitors resorted to propulsion by other than sail, resulting in an increase of rule 42 penalties on the day.

With one more day of Qualifications remaining on the schedule, the top five in each division are as follows:

Girls Division:
1. Julia Büsselberg (GER)
2. Giorgia Cingolani (ITA)
3. Anna Moncada Sanchez (ESP)
4. Shai Kakon (ISR)
5. Ilayda Veziroglu (TUR)

Boys Division:
1. Cesare Barabino (ITA)
2. Sofiane Karim (FRA)
3. Yilkan Timursah (TUR)
4. Finn O’Dea (AUS)
5. Manuel Barber Ponciano (ESP)

Complete Results after day 3 (provisional):
Girls Division
Boys Division