2017 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships – Day 4

With the end of the qualifying series looming, some sailors would not have much room for error if they wanted to remain in a higher fleet, while others might be hoping for a solid day that would enable them to move up a handful of places.

Conditions were tricky, though, both for sailors and the race committee. The first races had clear starts, but a falling breeze required a skillful performance for the Race Committee on Tango course as they had to finish all three fleets at nearly the same time at three different positions. The Oscar course was having to deal with a large wind shift as well.

The AP flag went up as the wait for a new wind was underway and a rain shower passed slowly through the area, drenching sailors, coaches and race officials alike. Eventually a light breeze settled in giving us a chance for another race. All four boys were able to get in a second race, even though for some fleets it was shortened. The girls were not able to get in a second race before returning to the harbor. Between the light air and the weather days, it was a long day on the water. Unfortunately, it left many getting back to the ramp at very low tide and a slog through the mud to get their boat and themselves ashore.

Plenty of sailors already knew to which fleet they would be assigned in the finals series. For others, there would still be an agonizing wait.

The top 7 sailors in each division are:

1. Yilkan Timursah (TUR)
2. Cesare Barabino (ITA)
3. Finn O’Dea (AUS)
4. Sofiane Karim (FRA)
5. Félix Baudet (SUI)
6. Niccolo’ Nordera (ITA)
7. Michael Compton (AUS)

1. Julia Büsselberg (GER)
2. Giorgia Cingolani (ITA)
3. Federica Cattarozzi (ITA)
4. Annabelle Westerhof (NED)
5. Shai Kakon (ISR)
6. Eline Verstraelen (BEL)
7. Anna Moncada Sanchez (ESP)

Provisional Results:
Girls Division (after 5 races)
Boys Division (after 6 races)