2017 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships – Day 5

Wind, waves and current. All three presented challenges to sailors on the first day of the Finals series.

The first challenge was getting through the launch queue and out to the race area. Previously in the regatta, everyone had a following wind both going out and then returning at the end of the day (with the wind regularly swinging from southwest to southeast each afternoon). Today there was a bit of upwind work in a strong breeze (plus a slight adverse current) just to get through the long channel and out to sea.

On the start line, almost everyone played it safe and did not risk a disqualification, making life a little bit easier for race committee. Clear starts, and good wind were just the ingredients needed to get through the day’s program in a relatively short time.

Some sailors who struggled in the light air of the previous day, welcomed the return of heavier wind and used their size and strength to advantage. Those who were able to sail from wave to wave downwind could also make substantial gains on the course.

But, the biggest challenge has proven to be the cross-currents in the race area. There is not only learning how to understand and respond to the current, but recognizing and accounting for the strength of that current.

Those competitors who have been able to demonstrate skill in all areas have stayed consistently near the front of the fleet, and, with one race day remaining, are in a position to win a World Championship.

Going into the final race day, the top of the standings in each division are as follows:

Girls Division
1. Federica Cattarozzi (ITA)
2. Giorgia Cingolani (ITA)
3. Julia Büsselberg (GER)
4. Anna Moncada Sanchez (ESP)
5. Shai Kakon (ISR)

Boys Division
1. Yilkan Timursah (TUR)
2. Cesare Barabino (ITA)
3. Sofiane Karim (FRA)
4. Finn O’Dea (AUS)
5. Julian Hoffmann (GER)

Links to complete results (provisional):
Girls Gold Fleet
Girls Silver Fleet
Boys Gold Fleet
Boys Silver Fleet
Boys Bronze Fleet
Boys Emerald Fleet