2017 Laser Under-21 World Championships – Day 5

The weather forecast called for light winds, and that is exactly what we got.

Race Committee first postponed from shore, but reports of 7 knots in the race area provided an incentive to launch the fleets, and sailors made their way out to sea.

There was enough wind to sail about, but it was borderline for racing. Race Committee set up a course on the prevailing direction, and with a slight increase in strength, went into the start sequence for the Standard Men’s Gold fleet. Starting under Uniform flag, there was a general recall, and by the time another start could be considered, the wind fell back to around 3 knots and then shifted 40 degrees.

Given that everyone was already on the course area, Race Committee held on for a bit longer to see whether a sea breeze might materialize, but we rarely saw even 4 1/2 knots. Eventually, races were abandoned and sailors returned to shore.

It was a mob scene at the launch ramp with all fleets having “finished” about the same time, but the shore crew worked hard to get the sailors off the water in good time.

Hopefully tomorrow, stronger wind conditions will prevail.

No change in the standings. With 8 races completed, here are the leaders:

Laser Radial Under-21
1. Mária Érdi (HUN)
2. Hannah Anderssohn (GER)
3. Dolores Moreira Fraschini (URU)
4. Magdalena Kwasna (POL)
5. Louise Cervera (FRA)

Laser Standard Under-21
1. Joel Rodriguez Perez (ESP)
2. Jonatan Vadnai (HUN)
3. Daniel Whiteley (GBR)
4. Philipp Loewe (GER)
5. Berkay Abay (TUR)

Links to Complete Results after 8 races
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