New Laser District Association Named for Italy and San Marino

ILCA announces the recognition of Associazione Italia Classi Laser (“AICL”) as the official ILCA District association responsible for Laser activities in Italy and San Marino. The announcement comes after ILCA had revoked recognition of the previous association due to an ongoing, unresolved dispute in December 2017.

Sailors in Italy and wishing to participate in Laser events and activities will now need to be paid members of AICL in order to be eligible for national and international competitions. ILCA will be working with AICL to establish event entry allocations for all 2018 ILCA championships.

As part of this transitional process AICL has agreed, among other things, to hold open elections to add two additional positions to its governing board. Further announcements about the election process are expected in the near future.

For membership inquiries and additional information about AICL, please visit the AICL website at: