2018 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships – Day 1

[photos: Robert Hajduk]

The day began under low grey skies, with about 5 to 7 knots out of the north east.

In the “B” sailing group, which had three boys fleets, the yellow fleet was quite aggressive for the first start of the day, with most of the fleet well over the line in the first sequence and then 8 boats over early under black flag and a second recall. That may not the best way to start a Championship in which you can only drop one score.

The blue fleet got away clear on their first attempt. And the third fleet (red) had one general recall. As it turns out, the wind, which had been hovering around 5 knots, began to fade leaving the red fleet stranded on the first upwind leg. Yellow fleet was just finishing and blue fleet was making their way slowly downwind where they finished a shortened course at the gate.

In the “A” sailing group, there was a similar outcome, with the first two fleets getting in a race and the third fleet having to abandon on the course.

The low grey skies became even lower with ensuing rain and a white horizon with limited visibility, but still too little wind.

On both race areas, sailors spent several more hours waiting for a breeze to become re-established. The rain trailed off and the clouds lifted, but there was still little breeze to speak of. Towards 4:30 the wind showed signs of life and we began to see 5 to 7 knots again. The red fleet had several start attempts that were either postponed because of significant shifts, or suffered a general recall. And then the wind again fell below five knots and it was back to waiting. Most fleets were finally sent back ashore with the red fleet waiting it out a bit longer. Every time the wind showed a little strength above 5 to 6 knots, within minutes it dropped back down to 3. Eventually, race committee gave the signal that it was time to head back to shore and we would try again tomorrow.

There are no official standings as neither all the boys nor all the girls finished one race. Tomorrow, the forecast is for a little strong wind. But, it is only a forecast, and we will have to see what weather the day actually brings.