2018 Oceania Laser Masters Championships – Days 3 & 4

(Denarau Island, Fiji) Today was the final day of racing at the Oceania Laser Masters World Championships. Both yesterday and today were brighter with high clouds and a building trade breeze of 8–10 knots. 

In the Standard fleet, Australian Master Brett Beyer finished top-three in each of the last four races, to secure his lead overall of the Standard fleet. Apprentice Master Dave Ridley of New Zealand kept Beyer on his toes, staying close by in each race and finishing second overall, only six points behind. Rounding out the podium, is Dutch Master Martin Koning who is actually tied for points with Master Peter Hurley of USA. 

The leading Laser Standard Grand Master is Canadian Rob Muru, who climbed back up to fifth place overall. The leading Great Grand Master is Richard Ineson of New Zealand, in 18th overall.

In the Laser Radials, Grand Master Roger Winton of New Zealand has held his position atop the leaderboard, with only seven total points over eight races. Corinthian Viliame Ratulu of Fiji had an outstanding performance the last two days finishing top-three in the final four races, one of which he claimed a first place ahead of Winton. Sitting in third overall is Apprentice Master Robert Vine of Thailand who also was very consistent. Australian Legend John d’Helin, came in fourth overall of the Radial fleet.

All in all, the sailors seem thrilled with the regatta week in Fiji, hosted by Denarau Yacht Club and sponsored with brand-new PSA Lasers. The prize-giving ceremony will be held this evening.

Top 5 Results 

Laser Standard
1. Brett Beyer – AUS – 11 pts (Master)
2. Dave Ridley – NZL – 17 pts (Apprentice Master)
3. Martin Koning – NED – 24 pts (Master)
4. Peter Hurley – USA – 24 pts (Master)
5. Rob Muru – CAN – 46 pts (Grand Master)

Laser Radial
1. Roger Winton – NZL – 7 pts (Grand Master)
2. Viliame Ratulu – FIJ – 9 pts (Corinthian)
3. Robert Vine – THA – 11 pts (Apprentice Master)
4. John d’Helin – AUS – 9 pts (Legend)
5. Geoff Kohlman – AUS – 8 pts (Great Grand Master)

For more information, see event site and full results.