Goal Setting

via SportVid

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” 
“You cannot score without a goal.”
“Aim before you shoot.” 

There are a lot of quotes about goal setting. And the reason is: GOAL SETTING IS IMPORTANT. This goes for everybody, but for sailors in particular. Sailing has a lot of variables and requires an incredibly big skill set. To improve during a sailing session you need to know what you’re trying to improve. This goes for sailors AND coaches.

Since the beginning of this year we’ve been running a coach education program and the results are stunning. Efficiency in the training improves by 80% when the coach prepares a training with a clear goal. And effectiveness improves by 75%. Besides defining a goal, the coaches also need to prepare exercises to achieve this goal. For every exercise, you decide beforehand what the feedback should be to your sailors and more important: what NOT to say to an athlete.

“It’s better to be on the bottom of the ladder you want to climb, than at the top of the one you don’t.”


For goal setting, it is best to use the SMART method. We want every goal, for sailor and coach, to be SMART.

(S)pecific: Your goal should be very clear.
(M)easurable: Make sure you can measure your goal so you can work on the process to achieve it.
(A)ttainable: Set a goal that is realistic.
(R)elevant: Set a goal that is important and gives meaning to what you want to achieve.
(T)ime-bound: Set a goal for a time period. A goal with a deadline is more likely to be achieved.Start working with goal setting and you’ll increase your chance of achieving it!

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