Laser – Europacup 2019 – Act 4 – Torbole ITA – Final results

No wind, no races on Lake Garda yesterday and the overall rankings afterr four races of Saturday became final.
Dmitry Golovkin RUS finished first in the Lasers 4.7 ahead of Roko Stipanovic CRO. On rank 3 followed Anja Von Allmen SUI as winner of the women rankings. In the Lasers Radial, Gauthier Verhulst SUI is on top in the men at equal points with Julian Hoffmann GER. On rank 3 follows Valerio Palamara ITA. In the Radial Girls, Matilda Talluri ITA on 1st shares the lead with Federica Cattarozzi ITA 2nd. Eve McMahon IRL follows on 3rd. In the Lasers Standard, Giovanni Coccoluto ITA is the clear winner ahead of Gianmarco Planchestainer ITA and Nicolo Villa ITA.
All ranking lists. The final report was not posted on the EURILCA website this morning UTC.