Laser Training Cabarete: Interview with Alexandra Behrens

Via Laser Training Cabarete

While many of Laser Master sailors began racing sailboats at a very young age, you started racing as a Master. What brought you into the sport, and what keeps you motivated to keep on improving?

My way into sailing was not really traditional. I got interested in sailing as an adult when I moved to Hamburg in 2000. Hamburg is a sailing city, and I came from a non sailing upbringing. Being German, I first acquired a sailing certificate (license). 

Sailing  for me for the next few years was being on a big boat with friends on weekends. For work I moved to Lagos Nigeria in 2008. The Lagos Yacht Club was the best option for weekend activities, and I became a very keen crew on a Hobie 16 and participated in club-racing. 

Back in Hamburg years later, I thought it might be a good idea to learn how to helm a boat, so I joined a local sailing club. As the Hobie 16  is not so popular in Hamburg and I definitely wanted to keep on racing,  I moved on to the Laser Bahia, and from there to the Laser Radial.   

I guess I would still not be very competitive if I hadn’t met my partner Lutz who is a very keen Laser sailor. Lutz also convinced me to go to Cabarete in January 2013 to get some proper training. 

As with every new sport I made great improvements in the first couple of years which kept me going. However, staying motivated when improvements slow down is not so easy.  I just like the events, the sailing community, all the new friends, and the occasional good moments during a race. 

The Legends age group in Masters events is a constant reminder that there is still  a lot of time left to get better. Needless to say, it surely helps that Lutz and I share the same hobby.

ILCA is a class that is truly run for the benefit of sailors, with clear goals and with easy access to information.