ILCA Events and Race Management Committee

On the 29/30th July 2020 ILCA World Council decided to form an Events and Race Management Committee (ERMC).

This Committee will be responsible for:
• Assisting the Executive Secretary and staff with event planning and preparing the pathway for all ILCA World Championships.
• Assisting in establishing the necessary personal required for the running of ILCA World Championships.
• Assisting in race management staff and including documentation preparation.

Having secured the Class role in the Olympics and having a solid base of builders coming on stream, ILCA is now focused on forward event planning and seeks expressions of interest or bids to host world championship in 2022, 2023, 2024.

Through this process it is anticipated that ILCA Regions will take a bigger roll in deciding where and when ILCA Worlds will be held. It is also planned for a four to five year rotation around the World involving all ILCA Regions in a fair and open way.

The Committee appointed are:

Ken Hurling ‘Australia’ Chair
Ken Hurling , started sailing at 8 years old with my dad. After Army started off shore yacht and cat sailing, then Laser sailing. My son and daughter sailed Lasers. Volunteer coach at a private girl’s college for 18 years. Chair ALCA 16 years. Chair OLCA since it was separated from Asia.

Alexandra Behrens ‘Germany’ Secretary
Alexandra is a Master sailor and has participated in several Masters World Championships. She was appointed to the ILCA World Council to represent the interests of the sailors and sees the ERMC as a great opportunity to improve the events, e.g. in terms of better planning, suitability of venues and affordability of charter boats.
(Note: On 22 November 2020, by vote of the ILCA World Council Alexandra Behrens was removed from her positions on the World Council and Events Committee.)

Hugh Leicester ‘Australia’
Hugh has been on World Council since 2000. He is an IRO and has been involved running our class world championships firstly with Jeff Martin since 2001 and recently as World Sailing Course Representative.

Doug Elder ‘New Zealand’
He is an International Judge and has been an ILCA rep, jury chair or jury member at over 25 class world championships since 2009.

Shigeo Kato ‘Japan’
Shigeo Kato is an active GGM sailor. Vice Chairman of ILCA Asian Region. President of Japan Laser Class Association. Recent activity history:ILCA Laser World Championships in Japan 2019. A member of the Technical Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Test Event at Enoshima.

In the coming months from time to time others may be appointed that have the experience needed for this ILCA initiative to succeed.

There are many goals the committee would like to achieve but we are operating in a COVID-19 World at the moment that is forever changing so the time is now to review all ILCA events and investigate new events for the future.

All policy changes and events will be posted on the ILCA home page. If you have any queries please contact your Regional Secretary, all Regional contact details are on the ILCA web site or your local Region web sites.

Stay safe everyone, thank you.

Ken Hurling