Nautivela Approved as ILCA Builder

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is pleased to announce that Nautivela srl has been approved as the most recent Builder of class-legal boats. With manufacturing based in Italy, the company has now successfully completed the detailed builder certification process and has received approval from both the ILCA and World Sailing technical departments to begin production.

About Nautivela
Nautivela was founded in 1961 and started production in 1963, and have been producing racing and technical dinghies in their specially built factory of San Giuliano Milanese since 1973. As a manufacturer, they have been working many years to develop more environmentally sensitive approaches to production and distribution and they continue to set and achieve higher sustainability goals.

With decades of experience in the manufacture of one design equipment, Nautivela is excited about the prospect of contributing to the future of the Laser Class. Company Director Paolo Portiglia made a special point of singling out Laser class technical representatives as the company worked through the approval process: “We have been very pleased and impressed by the accuracy of the checks and the extensiveness, where every single mould has been inspected and consequent produced deck and hull in combination. Quite some attention to detail, confirming the feeling that a very well organized and focused Class sits behind the success of the boat. Again let me tell you we are here all extremely proud and pleased of the result of the audit and inspection and everyone’s really motivated to make a very good job going forward.”

Expect to see the first ILCA class-legal boats by Nautivela in the market soon complete with World Sailing plaques — meaning these boats are legal for all class-sanctioned events including world and Olympic qualifiers. As with all ILCA approved builders, boats will be manufactured from moulds made from ILCA master tooling and will be built in strict compliance with the standards and specifications of the class Build Manual.

Approval of Nautivela comes in accordance with World Sailing’s Olympic Equipment Policy, which states that any interested and qualified manufacturer must have the opportunity to become a builder of Olympic equipment. To comply with this policy the International Laser Class boats built by Nautivela and other new manufacturers will be sold under the ILCA brand in order to allow builders to sell boats in any part of the world without trademark restrictions.