2021 ILCA 6 Youth Worlds – Day One

Arco (ITALY) – Morning thunderstorms held the fleets ashore for day one of the 2021 ILCA 6 Youth World championships in Arco, Italy in the northern end of Lake Garda. The typical south wind never developed, but a nice 10-12 knot northerly breeze allowed two races to be completed for all fleets. Eve McMahon of Ireland and Robby Meek of the United States found the conditions to their liking, both posting perfect score lines in the girls and boys divisions respectively.

With a marginal forecast for tomorrow, the race committee has moved the start time forward three hours to try to get a full schedule of two races completed before the potential for bad weather in the afternoon.

Provisional results after two races:
Girls Division
1. Eve McMahon (IRL) 2 Pts.
2. Alessia Palanti (CZE) 4 Pts.
3. Anja Von Allmen (SUI) 6 Pts.
4. Marissa Ijben (NED) 9 Pts.
5. Amaya Escudero (USA) 9 Pts.
6. Linda Hensel (GER) 12 Pts.
7. Maria Martinez (ESP) 13 Pts.
8. Gemma Llamas Vallespir (ESP) 13 Pts.
9. Pia Conradi (GER) 15 Pts.
10. Sophia Montgomery (THA) 15 Pts.

Boys Division
1. Robby Meek (USA) 2 Pts.
2. Yogev Alcalay (ISR) 3 Pts.
3. Oskar Madonich (UKR) 4 Pts.
4. Hidde Schraffordt (NED) 5 Pts.
5. Mattia Cesana (ITA) 5 Pts.
6. Sebastian Kempe (BER) 7.2 Pts.
7. Javier Segui (ESP) 9 Pts.
8. Erik Norlen (SWE) 10 Pts.
9. Martins Atilla (LAT) 11 Pts.
10. Marcos Altarriba (ESP) 11 Pts.

Full results here: http://2021-radial-youth.laser-worlds.com/results/

Circolo Vela Arco, Lake Garda- Italy
Circolo Vela Arco, Lake Garda- Italy
Circolo Vela Arco, Lake Garda- Italy

Photo Credit: Elena Giolai — Immagine & Comunicazione, www.elenagiolai.com/