2021 ILCA 6 Youth Worlds – Final Day

Arco (ITALY) – After a short delay to allow the Lake Garda thermal wind to develop, two races were competed for the Gold Fleets for the final day of the 2021 ILCA 6 Youth Worlds. After a protest in which her nearest competitor was disqualified, Ireland’s Eve Mcmahon won the girl’s division.  Mattia Cesana of Italy swept the boy’s division after eleven races, finishing first place overall and also taking home the top under-17 award.  ILCA gives a huge thanks to the race officials, jury and the voluteers and staff of the Circolo Vela Arco for a great event.

Final Results:

Girls Division:
1.  Eve Mcmahon  (IRL)  37 Pts.
2.  Anja VonAllmen  (SUI)  50 Pts.
3.  Sara Savelli  (ITA)  62 Pts.
4.  Alessia Palanti  (CZE)  68 Pts.
5.  Maria Martinez  (ESP)  70 Pts.
6.  Carlotta Rizzardi  (ITA)  79 Pts.
7.  Amaya Escudero  (USA)  84 Pts.
8.  Marissa Ijben  (NED)  107 Pts.
9.  Aleksandra Lukoyanova  (RUS)  117 Pts.
10.  Pia Conradi  (GER)  122 Pts.

Boys Division:

1.  Mattia Cesana  (ITA)  34 Pts.
2.  Chapman Petersen  (USA)  43 Pts.
3.  Sebastian Kempe  (BER)  83 Pts.
4.  Martin Verhulst  (SUI)  92 Pts.
5.  Iasonas Kefallonitis  (GRE)  95 Pts.
6.  Oskar Madonich  (UKR)  96 Pts.
7.  Przemyslaw Machowski  (POL)  101 Pts.
8.  Lorenzo Predari  (ITA)  106 Pts.
9.  Robby Meek  (USA)  114 Pts.
10.  Mathias Reimer  (BRA)  124 Pts.

Full results here: http://2021-radial-youth.laser-worlds.com/results/
Photos can be downloaded here: http://2021-radial-youth.laser-worlds.com/media/
Photo Credit: Elena Giolai — Immagine & Comunicazione, www.elenagiolai.com