2022 ILCA 7 Masters World Championship presented by Paradise Village Group

Vallarta, Mexico – The 2022 ILCA 7 Masters World Championship has kicked off in Riviera Nayarit, Nueveo Vallarta, Mexico. Today is the final day for equipment inspection, and there will be a practice race held for the competitors before the Opening Ceremony this evening. 

This year’s championship will take place on the waters of Banderas Bay, the second largest bay on the North American coast, which has a very mild climate with extremely reliable wind and sea conditions. The wind is forecasted to be about 12–17 knots, similar to last week’s conditions during the ILCA 7 Men’s World Championship. The event is hosted by Paradise Village and Vallarta Yacht Club, offering warm and sunny weather, steady wind, and hospitality all around. Vallarta Yacht Club is a private independent yacht club conveniently adjacent to The Paradise Village Resorts, Spa, and Marina, which provides on-site lodging and amenities for the event. 

Racing begins tomorrow with two races scheduled for each day. There will be three days of racing, a reserve day, followed by another three days of racing. With 65 sailors competing, the event will be split into three fleets: Apprentice and Masters, Grand Masters, and Great Grand Masters. 

Follow the event here: 2022ilca7masters.ilca-worlds.org