ILCA Website Update – Equipment

Over the last few months, ILCA has been gradually reorganizing its website content to be easier for you to locate, read, and understand. One new and notable update is the creation of the EQUIPMENT page in the ILCA Dinghy tab. 

This new page consolidates a few previous pages: Boat Parts and Dimensions, Verification of Class-Legal Equipment, and Illegal Equipment. 

Boat parts and dimensions appear at the top of the page as the baseline for ILCA dinghy equipment. Following the diagram of boat parts is the guide for verifying class-legal equipment. Previously, this PDF required downloading, but now the information is readily accessible on this Equipment page. You’ll arrive at the illegal equipment once you scroll past the class-legal equipment. This includes images and descriptions of different boat parts – now grouped together and alphabetically organized by part – without the need to click on a drop-down tab for each item. 

Hopefully this information will be more accessible and helpful for you in its new location.