Equipment inspection

Update on Approved ILCA Suppliers

In keeping with the ILCA’s continued commitment to enhancing the supply of class-legal equipment, we engage in ongoing efforts to assess and certify alternate manufacturers for parts and equipment. Upon approval, these manufacturers are incorporated into the ILCA Build Manual (IBM). As stipulated by the ILCA Fundamental Rule, equipment originating from these manufacturers is recognized as fully class-legal.

Over the past year and a half, we have collaborated closely with our approved builders to augment the roster of equipment suppliers in response to the upsurge in market demand that we have seen over this period. 

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our existing approved suppliers for spars, parts, and sails, the following suppliers have now been added to the IBM:

  • Harken – for rudder heads
  • Allen – for rudder heads
  • Element 6 Evolution – for rudder heads

  • Ronstan – for vang cleating fittings

  • New Performance Watersports Manufacturing – for ILCA 4 and ILCA 6 sails

  • Selden – for composite upper masts

  • Element 6 Evolution – for ILCA 4, ILCA 6, and ILCA 7 upper aluminum masts, lower masts, and booms

  • Element 6 Evolution – for centerboards and rudder blades

  • Riotecna – for centerboards and rudder blades

The above-listed parts produced by these manufacturers will bear an ILCA royalty label marked with a unique serial number, signifying their approval. 

Furthermore, we are happy to inform you that the following non-labeled parts have also been sanctioned under the IBM:

  • Allen – for boom and traveller blocks

  • Ronstan – for boom and traveller blocks

ILCA continually strives to facilitate the supply of quality and class-legal parts to meet the growing needs of our sailors and to ensure the strict one-design nature of our class.