2024 ILCA 6 Women’s World Championships – Day 5

Mar del Plata, Argentina – On the fifth day of the ILCA 6 2024 Women’s World Championship, the typical Mar del Plata northeast wind was constant throughout the day. With an intensity ranging from 7 to 13 knots, conditions were ideal for both the gold and silver fleets to complete three races.

Anne Marie Rindom from Denmark comfortably maintains the lead in the gold fleet, with a 21-point difference ahead of the American Charlotte Rose, who now sits in second place. The Swiss sailor Maud Jayet rose to third place and is tied in points with the Belgian Emma Plasschaert, who holds fourth place.

Tomorrow, the Medal Race will take place, a race in which only the top ten sailors will participate, earning double non-discarded points. Also participating in this race will be the Norwegian Line Flem Hoest, the Swedish Josefin Olsson, the Finnish Monika Mikkola, the Dutch Maxime Jonker, the British Hannah Snellgrove, and the Hungarian Maria Erdi.

In the silver fleet, Greta Pilkington from New Zealand surpassed the Croatian Elena Vorobeva, although both currently stand with the same number of points. Florencia Chiarella from Peru remains in third place, completing the top spots for this fleet.

In this championship, competitors who finish in 11th place and beyond will be allowed to continue participating, then competing in a final race to determine the seven spots for the Olympic Games per final consultation by World Sailing.


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Text by: ILCA/Yacht Club Argentino

Photos by: Matias Capizzano