2024 ILCA Masters World Championships – Day 3

Adelaide, Australia – After another day of solid Adelaide sea breeze, the 2024 ILCA Masters Worlds fleet heads into a well-earned rest day with all six scheduled races completed.

It sets up an exciting final three days from Thursday onwards as some great battles in a number of divisions begin to take shape.

It also puts the finish line of a massive summer of ILCA sailing firmly in sight for the officials and volunteers of the Adelaide Sailing Club, who have been hard at work since the start of the year

One of the biggest fleets in this event is the Grand Masters fleet, which is made up of sailors aged 55 to 64 and has 45 ILCA 6s and 35 ILCA 7s competing.

ILCA 6 Grand Master Diane Sissingh, who has traveled to this event from the Middle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club, said Masters regattas were the perfect balance between on-water competitiveness and off-water enjoyment.

“I’ve been doing Masters regattas for a number of years since I was legally allowed to sail them in the hope that one day I might actually do well,” she laughed.

“But we get out to go and sail against like-minded people, you arrive here, and no one really cares what you do for a living, how much money you’ve got, where you live, you just turn up, and you can sail if you’ve got a boat – that’s what’s fun about it.”

Heading into the rest day, a number of exciting battles are taking shape across the divisions, while some others have seen clear leaders emerge.

In the Apprentice fleets, a three-way tie has emerged in the ILCA 6s with Argentina’s Franco Riquelme Antonetti, Germany’s Svenja Weger and Adil Khalid from the United Arab Emirates all locked on 10 points, while in the ILCA 7s it’s New Zealand’s Luke Deegan who has a clear lead with five wins and a discarded U-Flag Disqualification putting him well ahead.

In the Masters, Simon Small (AUS) and Jon Emmett (GBR) head into the rest day tied for first in the ILCA 6 fleet, with Small holding out Emmett on a countback, while in the ILCA 7s Brendan Casey (AUS) holds a slender one-point lead over Christoph Bottoni (AUS) in second.


Text by: Harry Fisher, Down Under Sail / Edited by ILCA

Photos by: Jack Fletcher, Down Under Sail


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